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Testimonials for Eload and Emend

Katrin van der Spiegel | Australian National 24 Solo Champion
As a 24 hour solo athlete using a balanced sports drink is of key importance as it provides the most convenient way to replace essential nutrients that get depleted throughout the race. On the flipside, you want your drink to remain palatable even after 20 hours in the saddle! e load provides exactly that combination. Thanks to the e load Heat Endurance formula’s subtle taste I could drink more, without suffering any digestive problems and without a need for additional electrolyte supplements.

As defending Rowing World Champions, my teammates and I are training hard to win again this summer in the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Training more than thirty hours per week means that fluid intake and electrolyte replacement is key to maintaining our intensity on the water. E load has been a big part of our winter training, and will be a real asset when we go into the heat of the Beijing Olympics this summer.

I just wanted to send a message to thank you for creating eload energy gels. I have a metabolic disorder that causes me fructose intolerance and fasting intolerance. Yours is the only energy gel I have been able to find that doesn’t have fructose in it. And the product isn’t so sweet as to make me feel ill. Great, great product. Thanks so much!

Glenn Bond | Nordic Manager | Silver Star Resort
I used EMEND for the first time this weekend and all I can say is WOW!
I have used many recovery drinks over the 10 plus years racing full time and found all to be very similar and taste like chalk or at least a little bit like chalk. EMEND has great taste which for a recovery drink is rare. It is also mixes easily which again is a pleasure.
In my opinion EMEND has hit a home run, combine this with ELOAD and ELOAD FLY and you have the best sport drink system on the market hands down! Well DONE!

The Blind Guy Biking Cross Canada Team | Richard Holloway, AKA Blind Guy Biking
I have been an eload user for the last 7 years. Being a marathon runner – 17 marathons, one being an ultra, I have relied on eload to get me through. In the beginning of my marathon career I used to drink Gatorade. This would cause upset stomachs and indigestion. A friend of mine suggested to use eload. I could feel a difference in my long distance training and my marathons. I also have used it in long distance riding. During last year’s ride around Georgian Bay, both myself and Aaron, my nephew used the eload and the EMEND – what a difference. At first Aaron was stubborn, felt that he did not need anything but Gatorade. Soon the Gatorade upset his stomach and he decided to try it. He never went back.
I am legally blind (a big guy). I must use guides for running and to ride bike – we use a Tandum. Having eload on the team this year, will make our ride extremely successful and our days enjoyable.
In closing, when you believe you achieve, eload allows you to succeed. 10,000 kilometres across the country is enough to think about without worrying about hydration and recovery.
We thank you for your support and your great product.

Peter Oyler | 8th overall, Race Across America
e load electrolyte sport drink in combination with e load ZONE CAPS and EMEND recovery drink provide the ultimate in balance for an ultra racer! I placed 8th overall in Race Across America (RAAM). Throughout my entire race I consumed the eload products and never became sick which says so much about a product considering I used it for 11 straight days around the clock! Through all of my training I also used eload products on a regular basis to keep me balanced. Without such a great balance and a product that is so easy on the stomach, drinking it for so long would simply not be possible. I will keep sweating and keep balanced during my workouts……………Thanks for producing a great product that can help anyone.

Derek Zandstra | 2007 Canada Cup Overall Series Champion
When I was younger and just starting to get into the sport of cycling, I was having problems cramping and almost bonking at the end of almost every race. I did a lot of research on drink mixes and tried many brands. I found e load had the best taste and I didn’t get any flem from the product. It has a lot of sodium which was perfect for me, because I sweat a lot. Now 6 years later, I am still using the same stuff and was the 2007 Canada Cup and Ontario Cup Series winner.

Cory Hancock | 1st Place | 24hr Hot August Nights Relay Race
In the four plus years I have been using e load it always helped me achieve my best. Whether racing or training, staying hydrated is critical and e load allows me to do just that while replacing much needed sugars and electrolytes. With three flavors to choose from there is one for each occasion, orange being a new personal favorite. The best part is that they are not a sugary syrup like some other energy drinks are, and go down easy even when pushing my limits. I would not hesitate to recommend this product to others and I know that when I need something to keep me at my peak, I mix up some e load.

Amanda Sin | Canada Cup Overall Series Champion
e load is the only energy drink I have been able to use in both training and racing. All others that I’ve tried caused stomach upset. e load is awesome! I can’t wait for their new gels. Keep up the great work e load.

Kyle Douglas | Canadian Under 23 Cyclocross National Champion
e load is my best friend when it comes to racing, training and every day hydration. I had trouble finishing races due to the extraordinary pain I would suffer in my stomach during and after races. Once I discovered e load the pain subsided and I now have zero issues with my stomach. When it is time to go hard, I turn to my faithful companion, e load!
Michele Hynynen
I have been using eload and emend and have noticed a big difference in how I feel: I no longer crave salt nor feel bloated and tired after my runs. I typically start my workouts by drinking some eload before my run, (sometimes during, depending on the distance or intensity), and then drink emend after my run. I use the zone caps on particularly hot and humid days. One week, I ran out of emend and tried using some leftover Recoverite and found that I didn’t feel as good as I did with the emend. So, thank you much for your help.

James Hills | Canadian Rowing Team – Junior Mens Singles
First, I would like to thank you for the creation of your product, e load To be honest, it’s such an amazing product that I try not to talk about it among competitors, because it’s my secret performance weapon. When I do it’s always to tell people that it is pure gold that very certainly gives me ‘an edge’. Unlike other elements of my training and preparation for racing that I may or may not question, there is no doubt that e load helps my performance.

Matthew Hunter
I started using e load near the end of last season – which was my first season attempting to run ultra marathons. I got pulled out of a race last year (where the heat was high 90s, with almost 100% humidity) 32k into the 52k race – due to severe cramps resulting from an electrolyte imbalance. I discovered e load too late for that season, but it has been a huge help this year! My last race was a 6-hour ‘Transcendence’ race, where you circle a 1km closed loop for 6 hours. I managed to put in 60km of running, in hot, humid conditions, consuming only e load and a small amount of electrolyte caps. I weighed myself before and after the race – and I was down less than 1/2 a pound after 6 hours of continuous running – something I thought impossible. I sweat ‘prolifically’ – so I drank around 10 liters of mixed e load during that race. Thank you for a great product – I can’t imagine being able to stomach 10 liters of any other sports beverage I’ve ever tried…

Love it!! I’m training for an ultra and the information from using your calculators is going to really help me to plan my nutritional requirements. I think it is really going to enhance my training for the big day as well.
P.S. I also loved the comparison chart for the different electrolyte replacement drinks

Glenn Ginou | Broken Frame Guys
As I was completing my 3rd lap of Duke’s Epic 8 Hour Race, I found by sipping eload along with the gel pacs that I could complete the race without cramping, bonking or excessive muscle fatigue normally associated with an endurance race. This was my first solo Mountain Bike Race, with the intake of eload I was able to meet the goals I had set prior to the race, finishing with no stomach problems. I have tried other electrolyte replacement drinks but found eload superior in terms of helping to fuel my body during the race. I was so impressed that my 24 hour team used it during the 24 Hour of Summer Solstice Race with a 4th place result, last year we finished 6th.
I highly recommend eload as an electrolyte replacement especially since our average age is 47.

Kara Zakrzewski & Chelsea Grimson | Team Syner-G Canadian Beach Volleyball
Chelsea and I are convinced that e load brings our game to the next level. As Canadian Beach Volleyball Players on the FIVB World Tour, we must play in all weather conditions including the extreme heat. e load keeps us properly hydrated and helps us to perform at our peak, and EMEND allows us to recover faster between matches.

Logan Beaulieu | Ultra-marathoner from Edmonton, Alberta
e load is the best electrolyte replacement drink that I’ve ever used and I’ve tried many. The flavors are light and mild, yet tasty. Even after several hours into a run or race I find that e load is still satisfying. I like the fact that e load, Zone Caps and EMEND are simple in the ingredients used and easy to digest. I like the security of knowing that if I start to run low on electrolytes I can count on some Zone Caps.
As I mentioned, I think the eload and EMEND are fantastic and the e load energy gels are the best I’ve ever come across. I used some at the Blackfoot 50 mile last Saturday. I came in first.

Glenn Bond | Professional Nordic Skier
As a professional endurance athlete with a focus on Nordic skiing; maintaining high energy through training and racing is priority number #1. To be at the top in any sport you have to use the best products available with no compromises. e loadTM is the best sport drink I have used in both training and racing. Recently my GI tract has become very sensitive and I had problems with other sport drinks, e loadTM was the answer. I recommend e loadTM to all endurance athletes. If you want high performance from your body, you must give your body the best fuel available … this is e loadTM!

Chris Berneche
Last year I turned fifty and figuredI’d try my first marathon. I trained hard and was ready come race day but at the 38 k mark my system shut down. First the calves, then the lats and finally the peacs all cramped severly. Having to walk the remaining 4 k resulted in a dissapointing 4:04 fininsh.
I wrote you with some questions after your product was recommended and began this seasons’ training using eload on all my distance runs/races. Each race was progressively better with virtually no cramping and a vast improvement in recovery.
This past weekend I re-ran the marathon that beat me last year and finished in 3:18. Some mild cramping at the finish but that’s pretty much a given, and once again my recovery was greatly improved.
I’m not an easy sell on these types of products, but yours is all it claims to be and I recommend it to everyone I run with.

Adam Moore | Hot Springs National Park, AR
I used eload during the hh100 this year for the first time. I loved the mild flavors. Very light and easy to drink in the 108f heat. No cramps, no nausea. Just a great ride and a believer in the eload product. Thanks for participating in the consumer show where I found a great electrolyte replacement my tastebuds and stomach can handle. I will use the product again in 2 weeks at my local MS150 and tell all the other riders about this great product!!

Dann Fisher | Manhattan, KS
I just completed a five-day, 230-mile stage run across Kansas. The temperatures were in the 90s each day with high humidity and headwinds of 20 mph with gusts often exceeding 40 mph. I used eLoad for the entire run with tremendous results. I had no stomach upset (a common problem for me with other drinks), no heat issues, and I was peeing all the way from Nebraska to Oklahoma! I am amazed and thrilled with how well eLoad worked. I will use it on all my ultraruns, and I am recommending it to anyone who will listen. Thanks so much!

Steve Clayman
I said I would let you know how eload and I got along. It most definitely works and your diagnosis was spot on. I drank 500 ml when I got home after I consulted with you. The painful leg cramps never returned after that. My left big toe no longer seizes up. I drink eload before a run and before and during a long bike ride. I’ve been fine throughout.
I will be seeing my family doctor soon and will tell him what happened and recommend eload. Actually, I can’t stop talking about the product! Good work and thanks for your help.

Larry Billings
I just wanted to thank you for helping me with my cramping problems. I ran the Disney Marathon in January hoping to qualify for the Boston Marathon. The temperature hit 95 degrees. I used the supplied electrolyte drink and water, but with no luck. Leg cramps came at mile 18 and never left! Then I started training with e load on my long runs preparing for the L. A. competition in March. With the temperature at 85 in a cloudless sky, I made it to mile 24 before the cramps hit again. You see, I ran out of e load at the halfway mark and once more I was forced to use the supplied sports drink. The following week, I e-mailed you with a question and a phone number. Much to my surprise, you called me that morning and gave me a half hour of your time helping me to solve my cramping problems. On May 1st, I ran the Vancouver Marathon using e load and Zone Caps, as per your instructions. The day proved to be very warm and humid, but thanks to you, I had no cramping and ran a personal best 3:57, which qualified this 60-year-old runner for Boston, fulfilling a lifelong dream. I just completed my very first Tri in Vancounver this weekend and once again used e load. I now use it on all of my runs and bike rides. I follow them up by using EMEND, your heat recovery sports drink. It helps me recover faster with less stomach upset. EMEND allows me to train harder with more consistency as I am fully recovered the next day and ready to go. Thanks for your personal approach and three great products!

Grd Tozer | Newmarket, Ontario
I just wanted to let you know that I have been using your product eload while playing golf this year and have seen a marked difference in my stamina. Last season, I found I was either taking a power cart for the 18 holes or jumping on one when we crossed to the back nine. If I didn’t ride for at least the last nine holes, I was tired and it showed in my score. As I am only 58, I found this extremely frustrating. Now I have walked the course in all games but one and have felt strong through to the finish. Proof of this is that I have played under my cap in all athese games.

Dawn Haworth | Executive Director | Canadian Academy of Sport Medicine
I heard through the grapevine that you are the creator of ELOAD.. Just wanted to add my two-penneth. As a marathoner and triathlete – I only found it this year, and that was through a freebie sample, but have used it consistently throughout my long runs and races. It works really well, I prefer the almost salti-taste of it than Gatorade. Many thanks!!

M. Howard | British Columbia
I tried e load for the first time this summer after being on a cycling trip in Arizona. The powdered drink I had taken with us was far to sweet and was hard on the stomach. A friend suggested we try e load, so once we got home I started phoning bike, sports, and running shops until I found one that carried it. e load does not bother my stomach, is not too sweet and gives me a higher energy level. When we travel by bicycle I measure out the e load into a ziploc bag and find it easy and convenient to use.

Doug Richards, M.D., Dip. Sport Med. | Team Physician, National Beach Teams | Medical Director, National Beach Tour | Volleyball Canada
I did not encounter any heat disorders in athletes using e load, whereas we had several incidents in some who were not. Gradually, with your help, we are building athlete awareness about the variables involved in production of heat disorders of different types within the beach volleyball community. This will be good for the sport’s development in Canada in the long run. On behalf of Volleyball Canada and the other members of my beach medical crew, but especially on behalf of the athletes on tour who are the ultimate beneficiaries of your support, I thank you.

John Gannage, M.D.
You have solved my exertion-related health problems, with a simple recommendation: try ELOAD . For years, I was “bonked”, with severe migraines, after hockey games and over a day to recover. I am happy to report that these are no longer issues for me. It has also helped my fellow hockey players to whom I have since recommended it, to treat similar problems. I can’t tell you enough how grateful I am – thank you for developing ELOAD , which has had benefits for me way beyond Powerade or Gaterade.

Michelle Lydon
First, I have to say that after first trying your product a year ago, I was SO IMPRESSED with the results that to this day, I am constantly bringing eLoad to people’s attention (even giving them some of mine to sample)! I rave about it to the point where people have asked me if I’m receiving a fee for my testimonial! :) But once they try it themselves, they become convinced also and have been telling their friends in turn about eLoad.
When I first tried it, and subsequent times after that, I find that the product gives me so much energy, I wondered what it could contain that could give me such a marked difference in how I was feeling during and after the sports activity I was involved in. Someone had said it was probably because of something that was depleted in my body that eLoad had made up for but I have never experienced this with other products.
Thanks for coming up with such a remarkable product!!
A fan for life,

Thanks for supporting the ride (Ride 2 Drop Fundraiser for Lance Armstrong Foundation) and the Foundation!. The eload worked great. I have a fairly touchy stomach, but the eload didn’t bother me at all. I managed 194 miles on probably 8 bottles of eload and a few bars and gels.

Trisha McDonald | Mississauga, Ontario
Have only been using e-load for a few months during my marathon training and have been so impressed with it! I especially noticed a huge difference in my recovery by following the guidelines and continuing to drink e-load post-run. Normally after long runs it was almost automatic that I’d zonk out and fall asleep. Yesterday I completed a 21 mile training run, felt great, and felt no need for a post-run nap! FABULOUS!!
Thanks for a great product!

Craig Coblentz MD, FRCPC | Professor Radiology, McMaster University Medical Center | Editor-in-Chief, Canadian Association of Radiologists Journal
Really enjoy your product, especially being able to add more salt with the Zone Caps.

Tom McCaig | Swift Current, SK
You may remember me. I caught the last 10 min of your talk in Penticton (I attended the whole talk in 2002). We also spent a few minutes talking eload with a Gordon ? who was looking for a better nutrition system. If you do remember me, you’ll remember that I am a big fan of eload, and have been using it for three years. This year I relied heavily on eload on the bike and most of the run, and used the capsules for the first time. Anyway, this was my fastest of 9 ironman events (didn’t finish one (1999) because of stomach cramps and vomiting). This year was also the first that my stomach was not upset at all! The only other nutrition source that I used was a gel (every 30 km), which does not contain fructose.
I certainly am a believer in your system. I am a scientist with Agriculture Canada, and tend to be a very skeptical person. However, I think I’ve seen the proof with eload. Thanks and I hope to see you next year at Ironman Canada.

Ken Clement
Cramping has been a problem for me for far too long, when racing, both road and mountain, I always got major cramping, the full body type. I tried all the sports drinks and nothing worked for me, until I tried your product. I’ve been using eload and Zone CapsTM all summer but the true test came this past weekend at Hardwood’s 24 hours of Adrenalin, I experienced absolutely no cramping, no upset stomach and I recovered very well between laps. Thank you for such a great product.

Bruce Deacon
My name is Bruce Deacon, and I run the marathon for the Canadian national team. I have run in the last two Olympics, but I am writing to tell you about my recent experience at the Pan American Games in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. As you can imagine, the weather in August in Santo Domingo is VERY HOT. Temperatures rarely drop below 24C at night and most often reach 31-33C in the afternoon. The humidity makes it feel like it is in the 40′s. I arrived in the DR in time to finish my acclimatization prior to my race. As race day approached, I began to cut back on my training. Surprisingly, my heart rate steadily climbed. A few beats higher than normal at rest was not a big concern, but when it was over 20 beats higher than normal 2 days before the race, a wave of panic overcame me. I had been drinking a lot of water, so how could I be dehydrated…could I be coming down with a virus??
Upon consultation with the team doctors, I was informed of inter-cellular dehydration. I was shocked to hear that my blood volume could be high, out a lack of electrolytes could keep the water from reaching the cells. I was told to increase my salts prior to the race. One of the triathletes introduced me to your product. Being desperate to replace my electrolytes, I ingested the maximum dose and hoped for the best. It was good to know that I could control the amount of electrolytes I was ingesting and was not restricted by the amounts and proportions found in a sports drink.
On race day I felt great. I ran wisely and ingested some of the E-Load in one of my drink bottles. In the end, I came from behind to claim SILVER behind the reigning Pan Am champion from Brazil.
Thank you for such a great product.

Jonathan (Jon) Mayne
I have just gotten back from Penticton, BC where I completed my first ever Ironman at Ironman Canada. I honestly believe that your product helped me to survive the day and pulled me through two near-bonk situations (one after the climb to Yellow Lake and then again around the 17mile stage of the run). At the start of the bike I carried two water bottles and a Jet-stream all with eload and consumed them prior to the climb up Richter (to make sure I was hydrated and to lighten the load I had to carry up the climb). I then had to rely on the on course sport drink from the water stations until I was able to retrieve my eload supply from my bike special needs bag on the out-and-back prior to the climb up to Yellow Lake. At the top I was not sure who I was and was having an out-of-body experience on the bike but a few minutes after consuming a full bottle of eload I was back and feeling great on the ride back to Penticton. On the run I carried eload in my Fuel Belt and nursed it for the first third of the marathon. Again I had to resort to the on course drink at the water stations. I began to fatigue and at the end of the second loop/start of the third loop I was again out of my body and trying my best not to walk to the side of the road and collapse. My run special needs bag contained a bottle of eload which I drank (along with a Gel) as I walked approximately 3 miles until I regained my senses. I felt better and better and finally had the ability to run again. Truthfully, after that bottle of e load I felt so fresh and good that my final 4 miles felt as though I was not at the end of an Ironman. I’m proud at the way I finished the race especially when the volunteers at the finish remarked that they wished all the athletes would finish in such good shape (and not requiring any supervision and/or medical attention). I just thought that you might want to know – Thanks for a great product. I’ve been using it since early 2001 and I know that I will continue to use it – especially as I prepare for Ironman Canada 2004.

Jeff Norman
We raced well at the 24hr of Summer Solstice event. The lap times were just over an 1 hour each, 17 km with approx 4.5 hrs between rides. The e load lived up to the promise, we all rode without cramping, or bonking. I found your product very easy to use as it does not upset my stomach, or create other digestive distress as some of the other products do.
Thanks again for your support and for making a good product.

Ruth Cameron
I am a 46 year old female triathlete and have been training and racing triathlons for 15 years. Over the years I have had a chronic problem when racing Olympic distance or 1/2 Ironman events that has prevented me from pursuing longer races. After every race I would almost immediately develop a severe migraine headache, followed by days of bloating – sudden and significant weight gain. After 1/2 Ironman events, I suffered terribly with nausea and unrelenting vomiting post-race despite being well trained physically and having a well designed race day nutrition plan (developed by a masters level nutritionist, well versed in my sport and in the distances and conditions involved).
This was very discouraging for me and I had given up the 1/2 Ironman events altogether because the aftereffects were so miserable. I consulted several doctors including sports medicine specialists and all of them doubted that my complaints about post-race weight gain were even possible.
During the past few years I began to suspect I was experiencing some degree of hyponatremia. I researched the topic through the university medical library and on-line sources and went back to my doctor armed with info. Again my doctor did not seem to even know what hyponatremia was and did not show any interest in solving the problem.
This year I really wanted to try another 1/2 Ironman, after several years of not attempting this distance. My husband, (and triathlon training partner) was willing to help me research new products to address what I suspected was based in an electrolyte imbalance problem (he was tired of my miserable post-race condition that often caused us to miss post-race celebrations, not to mention unpleasant trips home- me equipped with several barf bags…). When he found e load, we were excited as it seemed to have some real potential. He bought the base powder and capsules a month ago, and we both started using the product in training.
My first experience in a longer training workout was mixed- things went well until I ran out of e load at 3-1/2 hours and had to switch back to water. I developed nasty gut cramps at 4 hours and that killed the rest of the workout. I decided that I was going to have to stick with just the e-load to avoid this problem.
Race day was yesterday and for the first time ever, I finished a 1/2 Ironman with no migraine and no vomiting. I used exclusively e load and bars – at specified time intervals and specified amounts to provide adequate hydration and caloric intake. The day was cool so I did not need to use the ZONE-Caps. (My husband swears by them as he sweats profusely) I felt nauseous at 5-1/2 hours and I started to worry that this was going to be a problem so I took a Gravol on the run course and things evened out. I finished my race in 6:30 without having to take any walking breaks. We even made it to the post-race banquet and I was able to eat for a change!!!
Thanks for developing this product. e load delivers! It tastes good (not what I expected- I thought it would taste gross…) and solved my problem when everything else I had tried let me down. I feel better post-race than I have ever felt before, and I am very satisfied with the product.
Many thanks again.

David Deubelbeiss | Holder of the Guinness Book Of World Records for distance run on a treadmill during a 24 hour period (David was fuelled by e load to achieve his World Record)
Thanks to e load, it works! It is also the only sport drink that does not irritate my stomach.

Angelo Ligori
Just wanted to let you know that e load took over 20 minutes off my previous personal best Marathon time … it works.

Marco Iucolino | British Columbia Mountaineering Club member | Pacific Road Runners President | “First Half” Half Marathon Race Director
Thank you so much for introducing your product into the market. As a mountaineer, I find myself getting burnt out on long approaches to routes and the gatorades and powerades do little to restore my electrolyte balance. I’ve tried making my own concoctions but .. yuck! This past weekend, my girlfriend gave me a packet of e-load that was in a race package for an event she did. I consumed it after a 5000 foot climb with a 60 lb pack. Wow! What a difference that made in my weekend’s performance.

Andy Campbell
Put your e-load product to the test this past weekend!
Through all my training and during the race the product worked extremely well. Absolutely no cramping or any discomfort. In conjuction with my food intake I had a very high energy level right through to the end. In the past I have often found that my stomach would get irritated and not allow for the caloric intake you need during such a sustained race. There are several people in our community now using the product.

Stefan Fletcher | Head Physiotherapist | Rugby Canada
We used your product e load for our team to much success and have good feed back from the players. We had better tolerance to the heat and minimal cramping as we beat the USA by the biggest margin ever!! This is a solid endorsement from 22 players.

Karen Bionica
I just wanted you to know that I am using e load and love it. I used it in the Boston Marathon this year and had one of my most enjoyable times. I am planning to do the Florida Ironman and will use e load of course. e load has made the difference for me, the higher sodium works great, and I no longer experience the sugar high/low’s and the indigestion I got with drinks like Gatorade.

Dr. Steve Keeler
I have been using e load for the last 2 triathlon seasons. Great clean taste without the GI effect of some of the others. Ideal for the longer distances.

Anne Flemming M.D
I am a General Practitioner working in Victoria B.C and would like to offer my congratulations to you on the success of e load. As an avid mountain biker, I am always looking for the perfect drink for my rides and have become an e load convert.

Teresa Bendo
By the way, I use eload and love it. I’ve had big stomach problems with fructose – spent too much time in the bush so your product is a God-send.

Candice Schalit
I truly have to compliment the genius who ‘invented’ such a powerful energy drink. I have been running for about 4 years and today I tried my first e-load mix at the 5peaks challenge at Golden Ears Provincial Park. I have never felt so good during a race and knew it was because of the e-load that I had drunk.
I just want to thank you for finally coming up with a drink that actually works, it’s fabulous.

John McCormick – Elite Duathlete
I have used e load for one full racing season and found it to be very beneficial in hot and humid environments. I found other sport drinks hard to stomach, as in too sweet and finding the right dilution. I love your product and will be telling other athletes of the potential advantages to using this as a supplement in training and racing. We all know that water is just not enough, but I can’t get enough of e load either at work, play, and rest.

David Seto
This is not something which I do often, but I am very pleased with the product, and I think you deserve all the support and encouragement you can get. I tried and discounted almost every so-called sports drink available because most of them cause me irritation or cramps. Some of them even cause spectacular gas production. One of your competitors invariably causes me to vomit during all-out sprints. Needless to say, I had gone back to plain water for my hydration needs, and I used solid foods for carbo and electrolyte replacement. I tried e-load reluctantly, having been prejudiced by my experiences with other products. My wife and I race mountain bikes recreationally, and we enjoy the challenge of 5-6 hour endurance events. E-load has made the difference between a strong finish, and not finishing at all on several occasions. My first experience with e-load was at a 100 km mountain bike enduro in North Bay (“Lost in The Rocks & Trees” by N-Bay cycle club), and I did it out of desperation, since the feed station had run out of plain water. I even diluted the mix (in fear of cramps), and the results were still positive and obvious. I had less fatigue and better endurance than I have ever had for such an event. I also believe it improved my post-race recovery.
I am so pleased with the results, and the lack of side effects so common with other products, that I have begun to use e-load in a professional capacity. I often work as a volunteer marshal and sweep rider for mountain bike tours and races in Ontario. I always carry a bottle of e-load and some sample packages of powder, so that I can help those athletes I find suffering heat stress and dehydration.
I appreciate your company’s support for these small race promoters, and I hope this will continue. It is a great way to introduce your product to amateur athletes, and I hope the response has been positive for you. Your competition have huge marketing machines selling non-carbonated soft-drinks to the public under the guise of “extreme sports” drinks. I hope your grass-roots approach is more successful, because you have one of the few products (if not the only product) worthy of discussion. My wife and I are trying to do our part by turning our friends onto e-load.

Jeni Szelag
I would just like to say that I am a beginner triathlete and my boyfriend has been using e load for a long time and is very impressed. This past summer I was on a team which was racing across Canada on our bikes. One of my team members used e load every day for every ride, he said it helped him a lot, and I observed how it kept him going. On my last ride of the trip I used e load and was very impressed. It REALLY made a difference. I have just finished reading everything about e load and I am very fascinated. I would just like to tell you congratulations!! Keep up the good work!

Lori Mathews
This is the only product I have found that helps stop muscle cramping while I’m riding. My rides range from 200 km to 1200 km over a set time and it’s hard to replace the electrolytes. I set my watch to ring every 10 minutes and I take a sip of the eload. I drive my cycling partners crazy but it does prevent us from dehydrating.

Michael Patrick | 3 Time Canadian National Triathlon Team Member – Successful Ironman Finisher
I was going to give up on long distance racing until I found e load. Too many times my months of hard training were wasted when a race would fall apart due to muscle cramping. E load works!! It is the only fluid replacement drink I know of that properly addresses the electrolyte depletion problem. I don’t just “survive” long races anymore, I race them.

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